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Diamond drilling on the inner surface of the mine

Reverse Air Drilling is performed using a hammer and bits with tungsten carbide inserts.

Which drill the rock with air injection that allows the sample to return to the surface through the internal part of the drill pipe. For drilling in superficial areas with the presence of fill or alluvial material, the SUPER JAW system is available, which allows drilling and covering the section.

Drilling and instrumentation

From water wells


It is carried out with the purpose of knowing the flow l/s for agricultural use, human consumption and for other uses.

What is the depression of the water table in the areas of the Open Pit and Underground mining pits? At MDH we have extensive experience drilling and instrumenting water wells of different diameters 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″. We have our SCHRAMM TW685 equipment to drill water wells with diameters from 8 to 24 inches. , with the use of tricone drill bits and large diameter reamers, using the flooded well system with the use of mud and additives. In order to provide greater guarantee of the flow found in a water well, we provide the pumping testing service and the files until the approval of water use by the ANA (National Water Authority).

Drilling and instrumentation

of piezometers


We have long range machines

Drilling and instrumentation of vertical (-90º) and inclined piezometers for use in drains. Which have the purpose of knowing the level of the water table and water quality from an installed piezometer.