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Diamond drilling

At MDH we have a complete and professional team along with a vast park of state-of-the-art equipment.

Both for drilling on the surface, inside the mine and remote sites. Task carried out using a diamond drill bit, machines and accessories that allow cutting the rocks of a certain terrain. The diamond material that makes up the cutting bit is crucial, essential and required, which is why it provides greater hardness and resistance for drilling very hard rocks. Our equipment has the capacity to drill up to 3,000 meters on the surface and 2,000 meters inside the mine.


Oriented witness

At MDH we have electronic guidance equipment and instruments ACT-I, ACT-II and ACT-III

For oriented core drilling. This activity has the purpose of orienting fractures, faults and discontinuities during drilling and extraction of drill cores. The final result is to carry out the stereographic projections with the use of software or manually, taking into account the azimuth/dip relating to the orientation in which they are located.